Update Information Increase Google Maps Rating

Remember that it is very important to  increasing reviews on Google maps or Google Maps Rating , especially our positive  5 star reviews. I know we are all busy and need time. So maybe by the time you’ve read this far, you definitely need a solution, and that’s when you need our help at Tigobiz.

Update information to increase google maps review

There is no recipe for success here, but there are three steps you can take to get more Google maps reviews:

1. Request a Google maps review

You can request a review in several ways:

Ask after you finish work
Ask the latest customer you’ve interacted with
Ask by email
Ask when you send the bill
Ask when you end a phone conversation

2. Show how to leave a review

Check out the video above and teach your customers how to leave a review. Some will know how to do it, no problem. Others won’t know how to leave a review on Google. Remember, the process goes like this:

Sign in to Google (Gmail account)
Search for your business on Google
Click to leave a review
Choose a star rating, write a review and submit.

And you can refer to how to increase your business review on Google maps quickly with our service.

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Good Luck To You!

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